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Kinesio tape® is extremely versatile in its ability to reeducate the neuromuscular system, promote lymphatic flow, reduce pain, enhance performance, prevent injury and promote injury resolution.

Kinesio tape® is a latex-free, breathable cotton tape with the ability to stretch 30% to 40% beyond its original length to accommodate the movement of skin and muscles. It has the added advantage of being able to be worn on the skin for 3 to 4 days during exercise and in water (including showers).

Tape such as athletic tape, leukotape and cover-roll are used primarily to restrict, limit, or control joint motion to allow healing to occur. Contrary to motion restriction, kinesio taping® facilitates motion by altering muscle tone (either increasing or decreasing), decreasing edema, or decreasing pain depending on the technique applied. During application of the tape, the patient’s body part is moved through its available pain-free motion rather that while in neutral. Caution and skepticism are understandable. To have one piece of tape decrease pain and edema, increase or decrease muscle facilitation, and improve joint mobility seems impossible for any kind of tape.

• Taken from Believe the Hype by Wendy Burke & Cindy Bailey

As one of only 52 Certified Kinesiotaping Instructors in the United States and Canada, I not only utilize Kinesiotaping in my treatment but I conduct workshops to teach others this important skill to enable others to offer this incredibly effective relief for all types of pain syndromes.

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