Pain Relief Therapy utilizing the Washburn Technique

The Washburn Technique utilizes a combination of light touch therapies including a type of gentle myofascial release and cranial sacral therapy. When applied by the practitioner it encourages the release of fascia restrictions (a strong connective tissue) which in turn results in the decrease of pain and increase of range of motion. Although the Washburn Technique works for any type of diagnosis, it is most appreciated by those persons who have not received relief from their pain through other more traditional methods. The most difficult part of the Washburn technique is trying to explain it. My recommendation is, "don’t try to understand it, just experience it."

With 25 years of experience in utilizing the Washburn Technique I have developed a proficiency in its use and am the only Certified Instructor, other than it’s originator, Caryl Washburn. Teaching others this technique enables me to enable others to offer this incredibly effective relief for all types of pain syndromes.

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