S A (retired) - Chief Pilot
One morning in April, 1990, I found myself wondering what was causing the severe pain running from my lower back, around my right hip and down the inside of my right leg. In rapid fashion I went from wondering about the pain, to lying on the floor on my back because my right leg would not support any weight. During the following week I was diagnosed with three bulging discs in my lower back. With traction and a couple of epidural steroid injections followed by physical therapy, I was able to return to the point of being functional. Varying degrees of lower back pain and a tremendous amount of tightness in my entire back was it for the next few years, along with increasing crookedness in my body posture. I tried more exercise, VAX-D (a somewhat dynamic traction), massage, whirlpool, sleeping on the floor, hanging upside down… all to try to avoid surgery and lesson the lower back pain and the “locked up” tightness in my back. At times, all of the above had some varying degree of positive result. Then Clem introduced me to the Washburn Technique and myofascial release. Without a doubt, this turned out to be the absolute best treatment method for me. Noticeably, my lower back pain level went way down. The tightness and “locked up/knots” pain in my back went away. My body posture returned to normal. I highly recommend Clem Carder and this method of treatment.

K E (college instructor)
In 1998 I had Gastric Bypass surgery (GBS). For the next 5 years I had 3 more surgeries (all abdominal) to correct problems associated with the GBS. In 2001 I was admitted to the hospital with what appeared to be abdominal bleeding possibly due to a recent abdominal surgery (revision of the GBS). What happened was a severe perforated ulcer, which subsequently required emergency surgery to stop the bleeding and ended in the reversal of the GBS. I was in the hospital for 3 weeks and had a very slow recovery (~ 6 months). Following all of this I began to develop a series of symptoms. Chronic pain in my neck, shoulders and back, constant fatigue, depression and an overall sense of feeling unable to do what I needed to do at home and at work. I went to a chiropractor who performed manipulations, massage, and various modalities for over a year 2-3 times a week with very little help. I was on all types of anti-inflammatory medications and continued to have very little relief. The rheumatologist suggested physical therapy, which I was reluctant to try as I had done this before with very minimal success. I was attempting yoga, aqua aerobics and other physical activities, but with minimal changes. We are now about 3 years post surgery; all symptoms remain basically the same. I was diagnosed finally with Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) and was given additional medication, with basically no relief from the constant fatigue and pain. I was having increased numbness and tingling in my hands and knew that I could get help from Clem as she had seen me before for CTS. I received a prescription from the rheumatologist for treatment. I have been seeing Clem and I have improved significantly. One of the first issues she dealt with was my massive scar that took up most of my abdomen. It was very tight and I was having severe cramping in that area. She used the kinesio tape® to loosen the scar, which was very noticeable, both physically with a decrease in cramping, but also cosmetically. In addition, I no longer require pain medication, my fatigue level has improved dramatically, my pain level in my neck, shoulders and back has decreased significantly, I no longer have numbness in my hands, my seasonal allergies have diminished and my “fog” or concentration problem has improved dramatically. The bottom line is that I am able to perform well at work and at home. I know that the Washburn Technique, kinesio taping®, and the cranial sacral treatment have significantly improved my quality of life, and has allowed me to continue to be able to do everyday activities free from pain and fatigue and without medication.

B K (retired) - VP Loan Officer
On April 1, 1995, I suffered a brain aneurysm and subsequently a stroke at the age of 50. Over the next year I endured four brain operations and therapy. By the grace of God, I survived and relearned how to walk and talk. Before and after my recovery I suffered from bursitis in my neck and shoulders. The doctors prescribed anti-inflammatories, but they did not relieve the pain. A short time after, Clem treated me (Washburn Technique) and the pain was gone and my range of motion was greatly improved.

At some point later I developed tendonitis in my right forearm. Once again the doctors prescribed anti-inflammatories, which proved again to be of no help. Clem treated me with her “magic” tape (kinesio tape®) and the pain disappeared.

I am not a good, but an avid golfer. This past spring I developed arthritis in my right wrist. I was diagnosed by an orthopedic surgeon who said I should give up golf and live with the pain from the arthritis. Clem treated me with her “magic” tape and I was able to continue golfing (though not any better) without pain.

I highly recommend Clem Carder to anyone suffering from pain. In my book she is the “magic” lady.

When you first suggested cranial massages to ease my migraine headaches, I was very skeptical. I thought that drugs could ease my pain and that would be the end of my headaches. I was totally wrong. After you massaged my head (cranial sacral therapy) the first time, I was totally relaxed, comfortable and without pain. Your personal technique and the room’s atmosphere where you perform your “ miracles” was fantastic. After six successful massages (cranial sacral therapy), I became headache free.